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Stay Positive!

Vitamin Energy (Red with taurine)

Vitamin Energy (Red with taurine) (Photo credit: The Master Shake Signal)

I have a co-worker who has so much energy I believe he has to be ADHD. Trying to keep up with him is a workout in itself. In his case, that energy level is necessary. He has a caseload of over 150 jobseekers, many just coming to the United States and barely able to speak English. He advocates with local employers for every single one.

People often ask him how he does it; he simply says: “Stay positive!”

I’m not saying everyone can become Superman through this 2-word mantra — heaven knows I wish I knew what he puts in his coffee every morning! — but I see the effect he has on others around him. He is well-liked because he is pleasant to be around.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. One of the workers at the clinic I went to was performing some tests. I listened in appreciation as he spoke to me of his aspirations in the medical field. He was definitely positive.

This was contrasted by a jobseeker I met this morning at a local job club. I had given some information for an upcoming application event we are helping with, and I got a tirade from this frustrated man who swore he would never fill out an online application again after 2 years of unsuccessful attempts. The energy in the room was shut down rapidly.

I can totally understand the frustration jobseekers have in the job market these days. In our state, news just came out yesterday that 26 weeks of Unemployment extensions will be going away this month, leaving more than 20,000 Washingtonians stranded before they expected to exhaust. That can’t be helping.

We all know the energy-makers in our lives, those who bring energy and positivity wherever they go. We also know the energy-drainers too. As time goes on I predict that the energy-drainers, those who are constantly dwelling on the negative, who will be out of work the longest. Employers are looking for energy: people who give them results, not excuses.

To those who feel that black cloak of negativity wrapping around them, try to free yourself. Let the past go; don’t worry about the bad that has happened to you. Associate with the energy-makers in your life. Pick only three people to vent your real feelings to; to the rest of the world “I am wonderful!!”

Keep practicing that mantra: say it to yourself in the mirror, say it to your significant other, your family, even your cat. Do things you are good at: play the piano, draw a landscape or sing karaoke. infuse your life with accomplishments, things you know you can do and do well. Finish a project you’ve been meaning to complete. Get some exercise; this helps on a number of levels. Give yourself a reason to feel positive about something.

You can become what you want to be if you try hard enough. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.

Stay positive!


About kimberlyjmyers

I am a workforce development professional in Washington State. I have ten years experience working with dislocated workers, vocationally impaired, and people with disabilities on many levels and backgrounds from offenders to non-English speaking refugees from around the world. The One thing the clients I have worked with all had in common: there was some barrier to employment, and I work diligently every day to identify, address and remove those barriers.



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