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Identify Yourself!

gmailI sent an important email to a large number of jobseekers this morning, requiring a quick response from interested individuals. It concerned a job that needed to be filled by the end of the day, if possible. I received a couple of responses back from emails I didn’t recognize, and they didn’t sign their names at the end of the email.

Knowing I sent this email to people on my caseload, I didn’t want to respond by asking, “Thank you for your interest! Who is this??” and besides, I was under a time crunch, so I went through my different contacts list until I found the email addresses and could match them to names I recognized. Then I could respond more directly.

Here’s a tiny tip for the end of the week: if you have an email specifically for job search (and I hope you do), create a signature that automatically appears at the end of every email. All email accounts have that capacity (at least, I would be very surprised if they didn’t). Also, it would look much more professional if you named your email address so that, when your recipient receives the email, they see your name instead of just the email address.

When you do, use proper capitalization. Seeing “kim myers” just doesn’t look professional.

Remember, you might be judged on every communication you have with an employer! Make your name recognizable – for all the right reasons!


About kimberlyjmyers

I am a workforce development professional in Washington State. I have ten years experience working with dislocated workers, vocationally impaired, and people with disabilities on many levels and backgrounds from offenders to non-English speaking refugees from around the world. The One thing the clients I have worked with all had in common: there was some barrier to employment, and I work diligently every day to identify, address and remove those barriers.


2 thoughts on “Identify Yourself!

  1. Hello Kimberly, my name is Grant D. Welch, I am a dislocated worker from Kimberly Clark and just graduated from Edmonds Community College this past fall quarter that ended in December 2013. My degree is an Associates in Business Management with a Certificate of Project Management, and with my past work history and experience as a production supervisor in the manufacturing environment. I was wondering if I could get on your contact list and seeking advise to help me find employment. I went to school on the Federal Trade Act and am part of the Kimberly Clark NEG program, but as of yet nothing has really benefited me from them or my TRA counselor. I realize they are all busy so I am looking for help where ever I can. Looking forward to hear back from you when you have time,
    Thank you, and have a great day,
    Grant D. Welch

    Posted by Grant D. Welch | January 21, 2014, 10:26 am

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