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3 Positives to Remember After a Job Rejection

“Sorry, we decided to go with someone else.” Those words usually stab the heart with all the subtlety of a dagger. I remember getting them well, especially after an unusually long and hope-filled interview process with one insurance company I had applied with. They were hiring a business continuity planner. I had the qualifications and … Continue reading

Simple Formula for Winning Applications

What if I told you I had a way to make your next job application go from good to fantastic? What if, when an application asks you about your competency in a certain area, I have a formula to make your answers pop! Would you be interested? Actually, the formula is pretty simple: it’s all … Continue reading

Show And Tell– Job Search Style

  Richard Bolles, in his book What Color Is Your Parachute? (ed. 2012) describes the order of preference in which most employers hunt for employees. First, easily enough for the employer, is to hire from within the existing company structure. The employer’s thoughts: “I want to hire someone whose work I have already seen.” The … Continue reading

A New Jobseeking Strategy– Visualization!

I am a bike lover. I don’t get to go out as often as I would like, but when I can, I’m biking either around town or taking the bike to a local trail or beach. There’s nothing like it. This year I noticed I have been getting more winded and achy than normal, and … Continue reading

A Simple Reason Why Many Are Still Unemployed

  Bet I got you hooked with that title? I made what I feel to be an important conclusion regarding many of my jobseekers and why they haven’t yet returned to work: they don’t follow instructions. At least three times in the past week I have given explicit instructions on how to improve a resume, … Continue reading

Unique Resumes: Effective or Freaky?

A few days ago a colleague who was looking at resumes for a job search review showed me a resume from a jobseeker. At first my reaction was that it was too unorthodox for my ultra-conservative job searching mentality. As I looked at it a little more, I warmed up to it. The resume was … Continue reading

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