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The Eeyore Syndrome

“May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down. “ ~Sara June Parker As the economy and employment improves (slowly but surely), I am noticing something of a dichotomy developing in the customers we see: first, there are the newly-unemployed (having become so within the last one or two weeks), and those … Continue reading

How our Recent Recession was a Blessing to Jobseekers

The Great Recession of 2008, as it seems to now be known, took a heavy toll on workers as millions were laid off or otherwise found themselves jobless—some for the first time in decades. Following the old adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” I’d like to point out that coming out … Continue reading

Remember to Be Grateful!

Drawing on a previous blog around the Thanksgiving holiday, I stressed the notion to remember an attitude of gratitude. This pertains to life in general but particularly when doing your job search. A Brazen Life blog posted yesterday on Business Insider website cites 4 ways in which ingratitude can hurt your job search. While this is written chiefly for … Continue reading

You Cannot Teach Someone Passion

Isn’t it interesting how messages seem to come in clusters? Lately I off-handedly quoted to my daughter the old saying “you only hurt the ones you love,” and she started laughing, saying that was the third time she’d heard someone say that very thing that day. An hour later, we heard it again on TV. … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Reading

  Yesterday I sent out an announcement to the jobseekers on my distribution list, announcing the topic of an upcoming job club. At the bottom of this two-paragraph note is listed where, when and what time the event is to be held. Half an hour later I get a reply asking where the job club would … Continue reading

HigherEdJobs – The One Word You Should Avoid in a Job Search

HigherEdJobs – The One Word You Should Avoid in a Job Search. Good information to keep in mind. In the past, you simply had to prove you can do the work. Today, you must prove you will excel at it.

Labor market will lose over half a million jobs if UI extensions expire in 2012 | Economic Policy Institute

Labor market will lose over half a million jobs if UI extensions expire in 2012 | Economic Policy Institute.

The Cry of the Unemployed: I’m NOT Stupid!

I just re-realized the most important thing when teaching—sometimes you gotta shut up and listen. I decided to do just that this morning when facilitating a job club this morning for local job seekers. I asked a simple question and let the participants take it from there. The question was: how do you keep yourself … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction (aka. Who’s This Person Anyway?)

A good job seeker explores all available options to expand his or her network. The latest opportunity is online. As a career and employment counselor I should be exploring these as well. What good do I do if I encourage my job seekers to do what I won’t do myself? I classify myself as a … Continue reading

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