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6 Signs of a Bad Hire – Make Sure You’re Not One!

With employers, recruiting is all about two things: COST and RISK: the cost of the recruitment and the risk that you won’t work out. According to National Business Research Institute (NBRI), a bad hire can set an employer back from $25,000 to $300,000! (Yes, that’s a lot of zeros.) The five main factors to help … Continue reading


We know it happens. Employers discriminate against the unemployed. Sad fact. I’ve said enough on that, so let’s move on. What can we do about it? It helps to know why employers would rather hire someone already employed, or at the very least, the recently unemployed. Some reasons include: People who have a job are … Continue reading

The Eeyore Syndrome

“May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down. “ ~Sara June Parker As the economy and employment improves (slowly but surely), I am noticing something of a dichotomy developing in the customers we see: first, there are the newly-unemployed (having become so within the last one or two weeks), and those … Continue reading

How our Recent Recession was a Blessing to Jobseekers

The Great Recession of 2008, as it seems to now be known, took a heavy toll on workers as millions were laid off or otherwise found themselves jobless—some for the first time in decades. Following the old adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” I’d like to point out that coming out … Continue reading

Washington State Limits Employer Access to Social Media Sites

Reprinted from Business Examiner May 22, 2013. Yesterday Washington became the fifth state this year to sign into law protections of social media passwords at the workplace and job interviews. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, bars employers from asking for a Facebook, Twitter or other social media personal passwords during a … Continue reading

Still Unemployed? Have You Checked Your Phone Skills?

I answer phone calls every day: some from coworkers making referrals for jobseekers, some from partner agencies asking me for help with an upcoming job fair or workshop, some from employers looking for assistance finding the right person for the job they’re marketing. Most of the time, however, my calls come from jobseekers—and I can almost … Continue reading

Having Professional Mentors in Your Job Search

 Are you feeling like you’re going it alone—particularly if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while? Are you concerned employers might be concerned that your skills are not fully up to date? Have you considered finding a mentor? Professional mentors can be very valuable in learning a new career, advancing your current career, … Continue reading

Body Language! (i.e. are you saying more than you think you are??)

  I taught resume writing and targeting today in a daylong series of workshops called the Hiring Academy. There was one student there that I got a negative vibe from. It wasn’t from the questions that he asked, or in the tone of voice in which he asked them, but in the attitude of his … Continue reading

Getting Value from Job Fairs

In my experience job fairs are not that popular anymore. When I send out information about an upcoming job fair I invariably get questions from jobseekers concerned that the job fair will be a waste of their time. I assure them that if they go in with the right attitude and preparation, every job fair will … Continue reading

About Phone Interviews…

Several years ago I was scheduled for a phone interview with a field group manager in Boise Idaho. I remember that interview well, since it is the only phone interview I can remember having. I quite enjoyed the experience—laying on the couch in my living room, feet kicked up, drinking a cup of hot cocoa, … Continue reading

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