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Having Professional Mentors in Your Job Search

 Are you feeling like you’re going it alone—particularly if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while? Are you concerned employers might be concerned that your skills are not fully up to date? Have you considered finding a mentor? Professional mentors can be very valuable in learning a new career, advancing your current career, … Continue reading

A Little Phone Interview Advice

I found this piece of information quite interesting as I was researching information online today. So I thought I would pass it on. In previous blogs I gave advice on how to prepare for a phone interview; in essence you treat your phone interview exactly as you would a normal job interview. Here’s where I … Continue reading

You Cannot Teach Someone Passion

Isn’t it interesting how messages seem to come in clusters? Lately I off-handedly quoted to my daughter the old saying “you only hurt the ones you love,” and she started laughing, saying that was the third time she’d heard someone say that very thing that day. An hour later, we heard it again on TV. … Continue reading

Some Objectives Are Better Than Others

Today I received a resume from a new client and had to chuckle at the objective statement: “A career that benefits both the company and me.” Well I did tell him to be short and to the point! But what does it say? I responded by instructing him to set the tone of the document by … Continue reading

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85% of employers say their employees are proud to work for their company. Only 71% of workers agree.

(SOURCE: Randstad Engagement Study)

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