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EXERCISE: The Six Word Cover Letter

EXERCISE: The Six Word Cover Letter (This is from my supervisor, Mike Masten.) Have you heard of the six word biography? Tell your story in six words. Google it. For this exercise try to boil your cover letter for the job of your dreams down to six words. I am a firm believer that less … Continue reading

Those Fickle Employers!

Just when you think you got ’em figured out… Articles on newest trends in resume writing say it’s passé to include the words, “References provided upon request.” I tell people if they don’t have room at the bottom of their resume for this statement, not to worry about it for the same reason– these days, it’s … Continue reading

How to Make a Good Impression with Your Resume

It’s a well-known principle that first impressions are lasting. Your resume and cover letter are usually going to be the first impression that an employer has of you. If the resume doesn’t do its job, you won’t be able to move on in the process, and you’ll likely be getting a lot of silence in … Continue reading

Unique Resumes: Effective or Freaky?

A few days ago a colleague who was looking at resumes for a job search review showed me a resume from a jobseeker. At first my reaction was that it was too unorthodox for my ultra-conservative job searching mentality. As I looked at it a little more, I warmed up to it. The resume was … Continue reading

What Defines a Motivated Job Seeker?

A customer comes in to my office and says he has attended all my classes, spoken to several other counselors, and gone to several application information sessions and hiring events, but hasn’t gotten any interviews. When I ask him to target his resume or contact potential employers, I get various excuses why he can’t—or won’t. … Continue reading

5 Jobseeking Tips I Learned the Hard Way

I have the great fortune of working with highly experienced and talented counselors and workforce development specialists, who have spent many years at our agency giving information and assistance to the unemployed. While I have several years of experience under my belt, I count it as a double blessing that I have lately been on … Continue reading

Today’s Job Search -OR- We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

I started a new workshop about a month ago. I call it, “Today’s Job Search: -OR- We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!” (SEE my presentation below.) It was a culmination of information I gleaned from discussions with long-term unemployed persons, online research and personal observation of the labor market. The reason I developed this new workshop is … Continue reading

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