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Getting Value from Job Fairs

In my experience job fairs are not that popular anymore. When I send out information about an upcoming job fair I invariably get questions from jobseekers concerned that the job fair will be a waste of their time. I assure them that if they go in with the right attitude and preparation, every job fair will … Continue reading

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

This morning I stepped in to a LinkedIn help session my colleague was facilitating. After only a only few minutes it became apparent that he was being challenged by an attendee that was resistant to what he was teaching. I tried to help. The jobseeker had been instructed as part of a job training program in which she was … Continue reading

Your Own Worst Enemy

I am taking voice lessons. One lesson involves me moving seamlessly from a very high note to a very low note without growling. I practice in my living room and can get it right, but as soon as I sing in front of my teacher, I croak! She smiles, and tells me to just relax … Continue reading

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Satisfied… Or Not?

85% of employers say their employees are proud to work for their company. Only 71% of workers agree.

(SOURCE: Randstad Engagement Study)

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