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How Do You Tell a Potential Employer You Were Fired?

Were you fired from your last job? Not sure how to address this to future employers? You’re not alone. Several years ago I left a job under less-than-ideal circumstances. It was a complicated situation, and for several months I sweated over how to explain the circumstances about why I left my last job to future … Continue reading

Identify Yourself!

I sent an important email to a large number of jobseekers this morning, requiring a quick response from interested individuals. It concerned a job that needed to be filled by the end of the day, if possible. I received a couple of responses back from emails I didn’t recognize, and they didn’t sign their names at … Continue reading

Personality Tests

I met with a jobseeker today who showed me the results of a personality test he had recently taken while applying for a sales job. It was well-worded, concise in its findings, and presented him quite clearly as an outgoing and social person with high standards in excellence and a strong moral compass. Perhaps that is why he … Continue reading


We know it happens. Employers discriminate against the unemployed. Sad fact. I’ve said enough on that, so let’s move on. What can we do about it? It helps to know why employers would rather hire someone already employed, or at the very least, the recently unemployed. Some reasons include: People who have a job are … Continue reading

The Ultimate Rejection Letter!

Anyone who has searched for a job, especially in this economy, has received a letter stating something to this effect: “Thank you for your interest in our organization. We interviewed a number of qualifieed candidates for the __________ position, and we have determined that another candidate is the most qualified for the requirements of our opening. … Continue reading

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