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7 Clues You’re Interviewing With a Wrong Employer

A divorced friend of mine recalled a story of when she had just gotten engaged, back in college. She was watching TV with her new fiancé and his roommates, and stepped into the kitchen for some water. Walking barefoot, she caught the sole of her foot on a nail sticking out of the carpet, and … Continue reading

6 Signs of a Bad Hire – Make Sure You’re Not One!

With employers, recruiting is all about two things: COST and RISK: the cost of the recruitment and the risk that you won’t work out. According to National Business Research Institute (NBRI), a bad hire can set an employer back from $25,000 to $300,000! (Yes, that’s a lot of zeros.) The five main factors to help … Continue reading

Personality Tests

I met with a jobseeker today who showed me the results of a personality test he had recently taken while applying for a sales job. It was well-worded, concise in its findings, and presented him quite clearly as an outgoing and social person with high standards in excellence and a strong moral compass. Perhaps that is why he … Continue reading

Simple Formula for Winning Applications

What if I told you I had a way to make your next job application go from good to fantastic? What if, when an application asks you about your competency in a certain area, I have a formula to make your answers pop! Would you be interested? Actually, the formula is pretty simple: it’s all … Continue reading

Those Fickle Employers!

Just when you think you got ’em figured out… Articles on newest trends in resume writing say it’s passé to include the words, “References provided upon request.” I tell people if they don’t have room at the bottom of their resume for this statement, not to worry about it for the same reason– these days, it’s … Continue reading

Are You Overqualified? (pt. 2)

Even if the hiring manager does not express his concerns concerning being overqualified, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not present in his mind. Being labeled as overqualified can be a difficult challenge to overcome, but it can be done. The point is to focus on meeting the employers’ needs. So does the employer worry that you … Continue reading

Is Temporary Work The Way To Go?

A flier for an upcoming US Census interview session just came to my inbox. They are locally recruiting for field representatives. I immediately sent it out to my clients, and I know several of them will seriously consider attending. Many others will not—they are holding out for permanent positions. I remember when I was in … Continue reading

A Jobseeker’s Wish List

I recently read an article about Ten Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Little about what I read was a surprise to me; much of it confirmed what I already knew or suspected about hiring managers. As that article was written more from a hiring manager’s point of view, I pondered on it from an employment’s … Continue reading

What’s the #1 Mistake Job Seekers Are Making These Days? (pt. 2)

Recently I asked a question on a LinkedIn discussion group: what’s the #1 mistake job seekers are making these days? I was hoping for a few answers but was unprepared for the interest this question generated. I was gratified by the level of response and the amount of feedback I received. While I cannot include … Continue reading

The Language of the Employer

Richard Bolles called it visiting a foreign county—the world of the employer. I find they also speak a foreign language. A year ago when my services were moved to our department’s Business Services Team, my supervisor—a seasoned employer and business owner in his own right—sent us a translation tool. It is a Rosetta stone of … Continue reading

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