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7 Clues You’re Interviewing With a Wrong Employer

A divorced friend of mine recalled a story of when she had just gotten engaged, back in college. She was watching TV with her new fiancé and his roommates, and stepped into the kitchen for some water. Walking barefoot, she caught the sole of her foot on a nail sticking out of the carpet, and … Continue reading

3 Positives to Remember After a Job Rejection

“Sorry, we decided to go with someone else.” Those words usually stab the heart with all the subtlety of a dagger. I remember getting them well, especially after an unusually long and hope-filled interview process with one insurance company I had applied with. They were hiring a business continuity planner. I had the qualifications and … Continue reading

Body Language! (i.e. are you saying more than you think you are??)

  I taught resume writing and targeting today in a daylong series of workshops called the Hiring Academy. There was one student there that I got a negative vibe from. It wasn’t from the questions that he asked, or in the tone of voice in which he asked them, but in the attitude of his … Continue reading

A Little Phone Interview Advice

I found this piece of information quite interesting as I was researching information online today. So I thought I would pass it on. In previous blogs I gave advice on how to prepare for a phone interview; in essence you treat your phone interview exactly as you would a normal job interview. Here’s where I … Continue reading

About Phone Interviews…

Several years ago I was scheduled for a phone interview with a field group manager in Boise Idaho. I remember that interview well, since it is the only phone interview I can remember having. I quite enjoyed the experience—laying on the couch in my living room, feet kicked up, drinking a cup of hot cocoa, … Continue reading

Group Interviews

Jack (name changed) told me he “just about freaked out” when he went in for a job interview to find he wasn’t the only one in the interviewee’s seat. He interviewed with three panelists, and four other candidates! Erin found out last week she was invited for a group interview in which 8 candidates for the … Continue reading

What’s the #1 Mistake Job Seekers Are Making These Days? (pt. 3)

Recently I asked a question on a LinkedIn discussion group: what’s the #1 mistake job seekers are making these days? I was hoping for a few answers but was unprepared for the interest this question generated. I was gratified by the level of response and the amount of feedback I received. While I cannot include … Continue reading

Stick To It!

  Stick-to-it-iveness… I’m not sure that’s a word, but it’ll work until something better comes along. I have found in my work one of the major differences between those job seekers who find employment and those who do not: the motivation to stick to the tedious job search even when leads grow thin and rejections … Continue reading

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