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Personality Tests

I met with a jobseeker today who showed me the results of a personality test he had recently taken while applying for a sales job. It was well-worded, concise in its findings, and presented him quite clearly as an outgoing and social person with high standards in excellence and a strong moral compass. Perhaps that is why he … Continue reading

Those Fickle Employers!

Just when you think you got ’em figured out… Articles on newest trends in resume writing say it’s passé to include the words, “References provided upon request.” I tell people if they don’t have room at the bottom of their resume for this statement, not to worry about it for the same reason– these days, it’s … Continue reading

Some Objectives Are Better Than Others

Today I received a resume from a new client and had to chuckle at the objective statement: “A career that benefits both the company and me.” Well I did tell him to be short and to the point! But what does it say? I responded by instructing him to set the tone of the document by … Continue reading

Are You Overqualified? (pt. 2)

Even if the hiring manager does not express his concerns concerning being overqualified, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not present in his mind. Being labeled as overqualified can be a difficult challenge to overcome, but it can be done. The point is to focus on meeting the employers’ needs. So does the employer worry that you … Continue reading

Are You Overqualified? (Pt. 1)

o·ver·qual·i·fied / [oh-ver-kwol–uh-fahyd] adjective having more education, training, or experience than is required for a job or position.  Origin: 1950–55; over- + qualified (courtesy Dictionary.com)  I wonder that employers could screen out an applicant because they have too much education, too many years of experience, or too highly paid in their most recent job. However we all … Continue reading

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