Jobseeker’s Allowance

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We know it happens. Employers discriminate against the unemployed. Sad fact. I’ve said enough on that, so let’s move on. What can we do about it? It helps to know why employers would rather hire someone already employed, or at the very least, the recently unemployed. Some reasons include: People who have a job are … Continue reading

Using A Professional Resume Writing Service?

As a state-employed career counselor I tend to look down on professional resume writing services, at least for most of my customers. That said, there are always exceptions to every rule. I realize professional services have their benefit. My jobseekers are professional at what they do, and if widget making is their specialty, writing winning resumes … Continue reading

Is Temporary Work The Way To Go?

A flier for an upcoming US Census interview session just came to my inbox. They are locally recruiting for field representatives. I immediately sent it out to my clients, and I know several of them will seriously consider attending. Many others will not—they are holding out for permanent positions. I remember when I was in … Continue reading

A Jobseeker’s Wish List

I recently read an article about Ten Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Little about what I read was a surprise to me; much of it confirmed what I already knew or suspected about hiring managers. As that article was written more from a hiring manager’s point of view, I pondered on it from an employment’s … Continue reading

“No One Is Hiring”… Or Are They?

No one is hiring… this is a prevalent idea among jobseekers hard hit by the recession of the past few years. And even while unemployment was at its highest, job openings were still in existence. Fortunately, the number of positions waiting to be filled this year has climbed to its highest levels in three years. … Continue reading

The Language of the Employer

Richard Bolles called it visiting a foreign county—the world of the employer. I find they also speak a foreign language. A year ago when my services were moved to our department’s Business Services Team, my supervisor—a seasoned employer and business owner in his own right—sent us a translation tool. It is a Rosetta stone of … Continue reading

MYTH #3: Do Employers Favor Younger Candidates?

Even in the almost three years that I have worked in the job I have now, I have noticed the population of jobseekers using our services trending radically upwards in regard to age. Many of those people I meet with voice their concern that employers don’t want to look at them because they are too … Continue reading

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