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Presenting Yourself to Employers: A Novel Approach

It’s election season again. I can tell that because yesterday I found my local voter’s pamphlet and a ballot in my mailbox. The county in which I live is preparing for Primary and Special Elections, from what the pamphlet says. To be totally honest, I don’t really follow those things very much– probably not as … Continue reading

Remember to Be Grateful!

Drawing on a previous blog around the Thanksgiving holiday, I stressed the notion to remember an attitude of gratitude. This pertains to life in general but particularly when doing your job search. A Brazen Life blog posted yesterday on Business Insider website cites 4 ways in which ingratitude can hurt your job search. While this is written chiefly for … Continue reading

A Little Phone Interview Advice

I found this piece of information quite interesting as I was researching information online today. So I thought I would pass it on. In previous blogs I gave advice on how to prepare for a phone interview; in essence you treat your phone interview exactly as you would a normal job interview. Here’s where I … Continue reading

A Brief Word of Thanks… Can Turn Life Around

As Thanksgiving draws close, I wanted to give a brief word of thanks, but was unsure what that word would be. While I am grateful for all that I have in my life, I feel the simple act of expressing thanks is something I am thankful for. Let me say why. My daughter has traveled … Continue reading

The Ideal Candidate: It’s All About the Fit

What do employers look for most in an ideal candidate? Is it the skills? Experience? Education? I maintain that it’s all about the fit. How well are you going to fit into the company culture? Are you going to like it here? Are they going to like you? I recently watched an episode of Deadliest … Continue reading

Getting Value from Job Fairs

In my experience job fairs are not that popular anymore. When I send out information about an upcoming job fair I invariably get questions from jobseekers concerned that the job fair will be a waste of their time. I assure them that if they go in with the right attitude and preparation, every job fair will … Continue reading

About Phone Interviews…

Several years ago I was scheduled for a phone interview with a field group manager in Boise Idaho. I remember that interview well, since it is the only phone interview I can remember having. I quite enjoyed the experience—laying on the couch in my living room, feet kicked up, drinking a cup of hot cocoa, … Continue reading

America’s Workforce and Federal Support—Sequestration’s Impact

As the election season comes to a close, members of Congress prepare to convene in December 2012. Unless something is done during that time, an across-the-board sequestration is set to take effect in January 2013. My employment in workforce development has forced me to learn what this means. A little background information for those of you who, … Continue reading

Simple Formula for Winning Applications

What if I told you I had a way to make your next job application go from good to fantastic? What if, when an application asks you about your competency in a certain area, I have a formula to make your answers pop! Would you be interested? Actually, the formula is pretty simple: it’s all … Continue reading

Atention to Deetail…

I was reviewing workshop proposals for an upcoming conference, and was surprised at the number of typographical errors in the submitted proposals. I am used to seeing a certain number of typos or spelling errors in resumes I review, but not in writings of professionals in my own field. Maybe I overreacted, but seeing a proposal with several misspelled … Continue reading

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