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Benefits of Hiring “Over 50” Workers

A jobseeker who had attended one of my workshops sent me a list of the benefits of hiring “more mature” workers, and I thought I’d like to share this. Thanks to Sharon Hollen for this list. Benefits of “most” over 50 workers: Can go all day without looking at cell phone (other than lunch time.) … Continue reading

Proposed Budgets and the Workforce: What Will Happen?

Anyone who has lived on a budget knows that budgets are used to set the overall spending limits for a family or household, so they don’t exceed their spending and go broke. Congress faces the same challenges for the country, on a much larger scale. They also have to make a lot more difficult decisions, … Continue reading

Body Language! (i.e. are you saying more than you think you are??)

  I taught resume writing and targeting today in a daylong series of workshops called the Hiring Academy. There was one student there that I got a negative vibe from. It wasn’t from the questions that he asked, or in the tone of voice in which he asked them, but in the attitude of his … Continue reading

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Satisfied… Or Not?

85% of employers say their employees are proud to work for their company. Only 71% of workers agree.

(SOURCE: Randstad Engagement Study)

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