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Over 50 and Can’t Find a Job? Is It You?

Finding a job if you’re over 50 will take a bit longer than for the job seeking public at large: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time it takes a person to find a job as of April 2014 is 35 weeks; if you’re over 45, the average is 49 weeks. Now … Continue reading

Want an Interview? Have You Considered Informational Interviews?

Have you (the jobseeker) ever said to yourself, “If only I could get myself in front of a hiring manager I could get that job!”? Have you cursed those time-consuming ether-bound applications that you never hear back on? Have you found a place you’d love to work but don’t have any connections inside to pull … Continue reading

6 Signs of a Bad Hire – Make Sure You’re Not One!

With employers, recruiting is all about two things: COST and RISK: the cost of the recruitment and the risk that you won’t work out. According to National Business Research Institute (NBRI), a bad hire can set an employer back from $25,000 to $300,000! (Yes, that’s a lot of zeros.) The five main factors to help … Continue reading

4 Killer Marketing Quick Fixes for Job Hunters

These days looking for a job is less about the traditional “pounding the pavement” and more about marketing yourself. Now unless you have worked as a full time marketer, you probably know as little about marketing as I did when I was looking for a job. That was 5 years ago, and things have changed … Continue reading

Washington State Limits Employer Access to Social Media Sites

Reprinted from Business Examiner May 22, 2013. Yesterday Washington became the fifth state this year to sign into law protections of social media passwords at the workplace and job interviews. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, bars employers from asking for a Facebook, Twitter or other social media personal passwords during a … Continue reading

What is a Resume? I’ll Tell You What It’s NOT…

I read resumes every day. Sometimes I scan them to see if they contain sufficient information to refer a qualified jobseeker to a job. Sometimes I make initial assessments on their skills and work history. Sometimes I just give resume reviews. You can imagine I have read just about everything a person could possibly put … Continue reading

The RIGHT Way To Connect on LinkedIn

  As an employment specialist with a firm presence on LinkedIn, I regularly get invitations from people I do not know. They probably find my name through the “people you may know” lists, probably connections of connections somewhere down the line, but while I rarely refuse an invitation to connect, I sometimes wonder why they … Continue reading


I wrote and submitted an article about LinkedIn on one of my group pages. Amidst the long lines of comments, one person repeatedly talked about how she doesn’t use LinkedIn because she sees no value in it (and this is on LinkedIn!). A customer rails against my comments as I taught a mature jobseekers workshop, … Continue reading

Is LinkedIn Doing Its Job For You?

While researching some current information for my social media workshop, I found some interesting information relating to how employers and recruiters are using social media these days, particularly LinkedIn. Did you know: Of employers sampled in a 2011 survey, 9 out of 10 employers recruited or planned to recruit using social networks last year? Almost half … Continue reading

Happy New Year to Your Career!

This is a commentary on a wonderful article that I read today on 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career by Alison Green. She writes about setting New Year’s resolutions for your career and suggests a few. Set clear goals Stick to your word Stop playing online Rewrite your resume Make a career plan Stop … Continue reading

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