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How Do You Tell a Potential Employer You Were Fired?

Were you fired from your last job? Not sure how to address this to future employers? You’re not alone. Several years ago I left a job under less-than-ideal circumstances. It was a complicated situation, and for several months I sweated over how to explain the circumstances about why I left my last job to future … Continue reading

Overestimating the Value of Experience

I taught a mature jobseekers workshop earlier this week in which quite a discussion ensued  regarding a person’s work experience. Why would an employer not want to hire me? I have 24 years of experience, I know what the employer needs, and if I’m that qualified, they should be banging down my door! It does seem … Continue reading

How to Make a Good Impression with Your Resume

It’s a well-known principle that first impressions are lasting. Your resume and cover letter are usually going to be the first impression that an employer has of you. If the resume doesn’t do its job, you won’t be able to move on in the process, and you’ll likely be getting a lot of silence in … Continue reading

Overestimating the Value of Your Work Experience?

Is getting the job you want right now a matter of experience? Or is there more to it? Simply put, if getting your next job were simply a matter of experience, most of our more-experienced workers would be back at work right now. Yet I meet people daily with 20, 30, or more years of … Continue reading

How a Qualifier Can Disqualify You

QUALIFIERS ARE ADJECTIVES WE SOMETIMES USE TO DESCRIBE A PERSON OR A SITUATION THAT CASE US TO FOCUS ON DIFFERENCES, WHICH ARE NOT RELEVANT TO THE POINT. — Cool Training Series: How To Be a Better Leader and Manager Imagine an office conversation that goes like this: “did you see the pretty woman they hired … Continue reading

Are You Overqualified? (Pt. 1)

o·ver·qual·i·fied / [oh-ver-kwol–uh-fahyd] adjective having more education, training, or experience than is required for a job or position.  Origin: 1950–55; over- + qualified (courtesy Dictionary.com)  I wonder that employers could screen out an applicant because they have too much education, too many years of experience, or too highly paid in their most recent job. However we all … Continue reading

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