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Have a Plan

I received a layoff notice last week. June 30 was the last day of the 2011 – 2013 biennium for which the State of Washington had their operational budget. Their new budget was supposed to be agreed upon by April of this year, but it wasn’t. If an operational budget for our state was not … Continue reading

A Comment on “How I Avoided Being Laid Off”

They say that the mark of an effective article—or blog—is its tendency to create a stir. When I wrote “How I Avoided Being Laid Off” (10/28/2011), I expected some feedback from readers concerned that I was inferring that what I learned from my own experience would translate to other workers facing layoffs as well. I did … Continue reading

Coping With Change

Image by Stephen Brace via Flickr Now wait, you ask. Is this necessarily a job search topic? What is a person looking for work constantly being bombarded with but change? There is change from a job to joblessness, change from a full work schedule to more free time (sometimes), change from having a paycheck to … Continue reading

How I Avoided Being Laid Off

I’ll be open about it—I have been laid off twice in the past 6 years. I now am a state government employee and state budget cuts are rampant. A major layoff has been looming on the horizon for the past several months, and I knew my position, being a brand new one, was probably on the chopping … Continue reading

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85% of employers say their employees are proud to work for their company. Only 71% of workers agree.

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