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How Do You Tell a Potential Employer You Were Fired?

Were you fired from your last job? Not sure how to address this to future employers? You’re not alone. Several years ago I left a job under less-than-ideal circumstances. It was a complicated situation, and for several months I sweated over how to explain the circumstances about why I left my last job to future … Continue reading

How to Avoid the Job Search Doldrums

Searching for a job can sometimes feel like treading through quicksand. It can take the energy out of you rather quickly, if you’re not careful. I still remember an email of a long-term unemployed client of mine a couple years back: “Kim, I wax weary. I might as well quit fooling myself and give up. … Continue reading

Over 50 and Can’t Find a Job? Is It You?

Finding a job if you’re over 50 will take a bit longer than for the job seeking public at large: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time it takes a person to find a job as of April 2014 is 35 weeks; if you’re over 45, the average is 49 weeks. Now … Continue reading

7 Clues You’re Interviewing With a Wrong Employer

A divorced friend of mine recalled a story of when she had just gotten engaged, back in college. She was watching TV with her new fiancé and his roommates, and stepped into the kitchen for some water. Walking barefoot, she caught the sole of her foot on a nail sticking out of the carpet, and … Continue reading

Overestimating the Value of Experience

I taught a mature jobseekers workshop earlier this week in which quite a discussion ensued  regarding a person’s work experience. Why would an employer not want to hire me? I have 24 years of experience, I know what the employer needs, and if I’m that qualified, they should be banging down my door! It does seem … Continue reading

How to Make Every Interview a Learning Opportunity

You finished that important job interview. You walk out of the office, your mind is swimming with thoughts about how it went: what went right, what didn’t. What questions were you prepared for? What questions caught you by surprise? For possible future reference, it is important to log what occurred during your interview with the … Continue reading

“Jobseeker Beware”: Tips to Protect Yourself From Employment Scams

Unemployed workers have become targets for scams of all sorts, mostly because it’s a vulnerable population that is more likely to eagerly respond to crooked dealings posed as attractive offers. Here are some of the most common threats targeting unemployed workers: Bogus Work-At-Home Schemes Cons are taking advantage of the unemployed by offering the chance … Continue reading

3 Positives to Remember After a Job Rejection

“Sorry, we decided to go with someone else.” Those words usually stab the heart with all the subtlety of a dagger. I remember getting them well, especially after an unusually long and hope-filled interview process with one insurance company I had applied with. They were hiring a business continuity planner. I had the qualifications and … Continue reading

How to Attract an Employer

A mature jobseekers workshop I teach warns attendees not to overestimate the value of experience. We come from a time where experience means value. These days “experience” means COST: how much would an employer be out by hiring you? An employer is most concerned about risk: if you’re hired and don’t work out (for whatever … Continue reading

Want an Interview? Have You Considered Informational Interviews?

Have you (the jobseeker) ever said to yourself, “If only I could get myself in front of a hiring manager I could get that job!”? Have you cursed those time-consuming ether-bound applications that you never hear back on? Have you found a place you’d love to work but don’t have any connections inside to pull … Continue reading

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