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How our Recent Recession was a Blessing to Jobseekers

The Great Recession of 2008, as it seems to now be known, took a heavy toll on workers as millions were laid off or otherwise found themselves jobless—some for the first time in decades. Following the old adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” I’d like to point out that coming out … Continue reading

A New Job… In the Unemployment Line

There’s a line from a recent song by the Irish band The Script:  “She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time / I got a new job now in the unemployment line…” Judging by the comments I hear from my clients, particularly newly unemployed customers, they haven’t yet figured out that … Continue reading

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

This morning I stepped in to a LinkedIn help session my colleague was facilitating. After only a only few minutes it became apparent that he was being challenged by an attendee that was resistant to what he was teaching. I tried to help. The jobseeker had been instructed as part of a job training program in which she was … Continue reading

Stay Positive!

I have a co-worker who has so much energy I believe he has to be ADHD. Trying to keep up with him is a workout in itself. In his case, that energy level is necessary. He has a caseload of over 150 jobseekers, many just coming to the United States and barely able to speak English. … Continue reading

What’s The #1 Mistake Job Seekers Are Making These Days? (pt. 1)

Recently I asked a question on a LinkedIn discussion group: what’s the #1 mistake job seekers are making these days? I was hoping for a few answers but was unprepared for the interest this question generated. I was gratified by the level of response and the amount of feedback I received. While I cannot include … Continue reading

HigherEdJobs – The One Word You Should Avoid in a Job Search

HigherEdJobs – The One Word You Should Avoid in a Job Search. Good information to keep in mind. In the past, you simply had to prove you can do the work. Today, you must prove you will excel at it.

The Language of the Employer

Richard Bolles called it visiting a foreign county—the world of the employer. I find they also speak a foreign language. A year ago when my services were moved to our department’s Business Services Team, my supervisor—a seasoned employer and business owner in his own right—sent us a translation tool. It is a Rosetta stone of … Continue reading

Labor market will lose over half a million jobs if UI extensions expire in 2012 | Economic Policy Institute

Labor market will lose over half a million jobs if UI extensions expire in 2012 | Economic Policy Institute.

Myths About Job Seeking

1. No one is hiring. As an employment specialist, I can soundly say that this is untrue. Although news stories about layoffs are abounding and unemployment rates are going nearly through the roof, jobs can still be found. Our state job board, Go2WorkSource.com website, shows currently that there are over 1200 job openings in the … Continue reading

How I Avoided Being Laid Off

I’ll be open about it—I have been laid off twice in the past 6 years. I now am a state government employee and state budget cuts are rampant. A major layoff has been looming on the horizon for the past several months, and I knew my position, being a brand new one, was probably on the chopping … Continue reading

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