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How to Avoid the Job Search Doldrums

Searching for a job can sometimes feel like treading through quicksand. It can take the energy out of you rather quickly, if you’re not careful. I still remember an email of a long-term unemployed client of mine a couple years back: “Kim, I wax weary. I might as well quit fooling myself and give up. … Continue reading

Over 50 and Can’t Find a Job? Is It You?

Finding a job if you’re over 50 will take a bit longer than for the job seeking public at large: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time it takes a person to find a job as of April 2014 is 35 weeks; if you’re over 45, the average is 49 weeks. Now … Continue reading

Identify Yourself!

I sent an important email to a large number of jobseekers this morning, requiring a quick response from interested individuals. It concerned a job that needed to be filled by the end of the day, if possible. I received a couple of responses back from emails I didn’t recognize, and they didn’t sign their names at … Continue reading


We know it happens. Employers discriminate against the unemployed. Sad fact. I’ve said enough on that, so let’s move on. What can we do about it? It helps to know why employers would rather hire someone already employed, or at the very least, the recently unemployed. Some reasons include: People who have a job are … Continue reading

How our Recent Recession was a Blessing to Jobseekers

The Great Recession of 2008, as it seems to now be known, took a heavy toll on workers as millions were laid off or otherwise found themselves jobless—some for the first time in decades. Following the old adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” I’d like to point out that coming out … Continue reading

Looking Over the Fiscal Cliff

The year is winding down and only days remain before the deadline set in the original Budget Control Act of 2011, after which (January 2, 2013 to be precise) massive accross-the-board budget cuts automatically take effect. If nothing is done by Congress prior to that time, most federal programs could be heavily affected (for more information, … Continue reading

What Will Happen to Federal Unemployment Extensions?

As it stands right now, the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits are set to expire at the end of this year. Considering the present state of the federal budget, people directly affected by those extensions wonder what will happen to those benefits. EUC funds were appropriated by Congress in June 2008 and rolled out … Continue reading

A New Job… In the Unemployment Line

There’s a line from a recent song by the Irish band The Script:  “She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time / I got a new job now in the unemployment line…” Judging by the comments I hear from my clients, particularly newly unemployed customers, they haven’t yet figured out that … Continue reading

A Simple Reason Why Many Are Still Unemployed

  Bet I got you hooked with that title? I made what I feel to be an important conclusion regarding many of my jobseekers and why they haven’t yet returned to work: they don’t follow instructions. At least three times in the past week I have given explicit instructions on how to improve a resume, … Continue reading

Stay Positive!

I have a co-worker who has so much energy I believe he has to be ADHD. Trying to keep up with him is a workout in itself. In his case, that energy level is necessary. He has a caseload of over 150 jobseekers, many just coming to the United States and barely able to speak English. … Continue reading

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